“I would highly recommend Kelly Dixon to anyone who wants a design professional who is open to new ideas and can translate a client or organizations goals into a brand that helps the client/organization to demonstrate who they are. Kelly helped the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects to bring together various organizations to collaborate on a cutting edge series of lectures that appealed to a cross-section of design professionals in the San Diego region. She took the lectures to next level and allowed professionals that don’t typically network with each other to share their design ideas and start their own collaborations between the various design professions.”
Tracy Morgan Hollingworth, President, Morgan Hollingworth Public Affairs & Association Management and Executive Coordinator, ASLA San Diego Chapter

“Kelly joined our company and immediately added structure, leadership and creativity to leading our design department. Smart, client-oriented and knowledgeable in her field, Kelly would be an asset for whatever project you need. Highly recommended.”
Michael Jack, COO, Landsystems Landscapes

“Kelly is goal oriented, energetic and professional. Her organizational skills and the ability to inspire other people are admirable. I enjoy not only the business relationship that we have, but also her friendship.”
Wendy Segal, President SD Lofts and Founder, Red Velvet Wine Bar

“Kelly Dixon is one of those very rare human beings who is pleasant and vigorous, feminine and real, competent and available. If she says she can do something, she will. The result will astound and the process will please. I recommend her without reservation.”
Paul Kaprowski, Independent Think Tanks Professional

“Kelly challenged my thinking and forced me to look at the some of the root issues I had been overlooking. By doing this, she opened up the doors to a whole new way of thinking. Kelly didn’t just give me advice; she actually helped me to understand my business in a different way. In turn, her knowledge and expertise has literally helped me to bring my business to the next level. It was exactly what I needed at that juncture. I look forward to bringing Kelly back to continue business consulting with me and my company in the future as I grow.”
Kendra Berger, Owner/Designer, Revive Landscape

“Kelly is very detail oriented and has fantastic organizational skills. She would be an asset to any company.”
Dan Hurd, Co-Owner/Founder, East Village Tavern + Bowl

“Kelly is an awesome woman!! Creative, disciplined, great marketing and organizational skills. We worked together as founding members of Interrobang and had a blast. I don’t see enough of her these days.”
Carol Spong, Owner, Carol Spong Interior Design Co-Founder/ASID Representative, Interrobang Lecture Series

“Kelly was the design director at the time we were working together. She managed the design team very efficiently. She provides positive support and is always energetic. She is extremely organized and gets the job done on time. I highly recommend her and would work with her again in a heart beat.”
Yukon Lam, Project Coordinator, Landsystems Landscapes

“Kelly = highly capable. Bright, quick, confident and reliable. Kelly can take charge and get things done – on time, within budget and with a lot of laughs. If I was a business owner, she’d be on my team in a heartbeat. But c’mon, be realistic, she’d be the business owner and I’m the one who would get the coffee.”
Tory Robarts Frederick, Office Manager, Burton Landscape Architecture

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