As a former Estate Manager for some of the wealthiest families in the United States, I know that running an efficient, stress-free household is the top priority. Household systems running in top order, clear communication with staff and a fully-stocked household inventory are all minimal requirements to accomplish this.

I found that much of my day-to-day energy was spent looking for important paperwork, tracking contractor tasks and communicating with staff – without great results. I asked around, and other Estate Managers had a similar challenges. When I inquired about how they managed their property information, I received feedback which included a compilation of paper and digital files, Excel spreadsheets and on-line calendars. I knew there must be a better way.

After investigating numerous on-line home maintenance systems, household inventories (i.e. wine and artwork) and capital improvement portals, I determined all were great in and of themselves, however, I wanted everything tied together into one streamlined system – and this information had to be easily accessed and shared.

I determined that a simple and scalable program was needed to easily capture, update and share all owner and property information. A co-worker introduced me to Trello.com. This sophisticated, yet easy to use, on-line project management system was too general to be helpful to our industry at first glance, however, by customizing it’s pages and cards I was able to holistically capture all property information, highly-sensitive staff records and owner-requests at-a-glance. Information that can be easily viewed on a smart phone. Here’s how to get started…

Hit the Ground Running

Open a Trello.com account and download the app on your phone. Purchase the templates and customize the information. Train staff. You’re good to go! Learn More


Strength in Numbers

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Please Take this off My Hands

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Relief is on its Way!

Within a matter of hours, you’ll have the tools you need at your fingertips to communicate with staff, share lists and track tasks.

Next Steps…

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